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Exploration of how science and theology properly relate to each other.

Shroud of Turin, Could it be Real?

For good reason, many of us look at relics and historic religious artifacts with great skepticism. The Shroud of Turin, which many Christians assert to be the burial cloth of Jesus, should be viewed with the same critical eye…and it has … Continue reading

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Sound Advice on Science and Biblical Interpretation

What do we do when the findings of science disagree with common biblical interpretations? For many Christians, the preferred response is to say that the Bible is right and science is wrong – the Bible, after all, is the inspired word of God … Continue reading

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In the beginning – Our best way to begin a blog about God

Let’s open the new Reasonable Faith Houston blog with some basics. Let’s stay simple at first, then dig into more complex topics…let’s start with the basics of string theory. 🙂

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