Apologetics Lesson 1 – How do you know God is real?

Reasonable is teaching an in-person apologetics series at University Baptist Church for the next few months. 10 tough questions, one hour lesson each, and a 60-second response. Following each lesson, we will post resources here on the RFH blog.

Apologetics Lesson 1 – How do you know God is real?

Thanks for joining us last week to kick off the Apologetics Study Series. Jonathan led the discussion on the question “How do you Know God is Real?” and looked at three responses: the Moral Argument, Kalam Cosmological Argument, and Fine-Tuning.

We appreciate everyone’s willingness to jump into the conversation and hope it was a good step toward equipping you to share and defend your faith with confidence! We should always seek to steer these difficult conversations to compassion and relationship, but we can also have confidence that God has given strong evidence of Himself throughout His creation.


60-second Response

There are three main arguments for the existence of God, including the Moral Argument, the Kalam Cosmological Argument, and the Fine Tuning Argument. The one that resonates most with me is the Fine Tuning Argument, which uses the surprising complexity and precision of nature’s physical constants that if altered, just ever so slightly, would change the Universe in such a way that life would no longer exist. For example, if gravity was changed by even a tiny faction of a percent no planets or stars would ever have formed. Because of the extreme complex nature of each of the universe’s physical constant, it is highly improbable that they were created by chance and much more probable that the complexity of the Universe is designed purposefully, by a Creator.

Additional Resources

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