RFH Brainstorm: Apologetics Ministry in Houston

Reasonable Faith Houston is seeking God’s plan for this ministry in the Houston area. We are currently in information gathering mode, looking at the needs of the community and the opportunities to serve through apologetics education and Christian defense. In our last blog post, we looked at what apologetics has to offer and dug into some statistics on the local community as we asked “Where is God Leading RFH to Serve?”

2015-06-08 RFH BrainstormWe hosted a brainstorming session last month and compiled a long and diverse list of opportunities to serve through apologetics. The list grew quickly with plenty of good discussion – there is so much to do!

In this month’s RFH meeting, we will continue to discuss the direction for RFH and seek to understand the next steps that God has prepared. We’ve organized and expanded the results from the brainstorming session and will be discussing the tangible path forward for RFH.

As a primer for that discussion, here are some of the ideas that came out of the brainstorming session. The complete list is too long for a blog post (send an email if you’d like access to that list), so I’m cherry-picking. If you want to get involved, have a need, or know of resources that would help make any of these activities successful, let us know!

Apologetics Bible Studies: Facilitate Bible study groups at local churches on apologetics topics – lead a study, recommend materials, or develop new materials.

Logistical Support: Support logistics for other apologetics ministries – conference planning, IT or Audio/Video, ushering, web development, advertising, marketing materials…

Apologetics Conference: Facilitate, host, and/or participate in an apologetics conference in Houston. Multiple speakers, one or multiple days, multiple topics.

Apologetics Summit: Facilitate a meeting of Houston church and apologetics leaders. Seek to develop cooperation/coordination in local apologetics ministries.

Local Apologetics Calendar: Host a webpage with a list of local apologetics activities.

Traveling Lectures: Present on apologetic topics at local churches/organizations, as requested. Build inventory of presentation material and list of experienced presenters on each topic.

Help Line: Host an apologetics “help line” for people to submit questions or challenges and get a rapid response. May be email, text message, other. Intent is rapid response. Audience may be students, parents, pastors…

Museum/Art Tours: Organize visits to Houston’s art galleries and museums that relate to Christian history and apologetics. Make a tangible connection to historical Christian philosophy and thinkers.

Seeker Materials: Support local churches in responding to tough questions from potential new members – help remove intellectual roadblocks. Provide materials and training.

Regional Apologetics Ministers: Enable a dedicated ministry position for a regional apologetics leader. Within a denomination or other larger church group.

Special Events at Establishments: Mini apologetics presentations or debates at local businesses or establishments. Wine bars, coffee shops, etc.

Influence Youth Ministries: Encourage and support local church’s youth ministries in adding apologetics topics to their Christian youth education.

Mentor Youth Apologetics Projects: Guide youth in developing materials/posters on apologetics topics. Organize a science fair-like event where students present their work.

Teen Parent Retreat: Facilitate, host, and/or participate in an apologetics retreat for parents. Particularly parents of teens so they are equipped to respond to tough questions.

University Free Speech Zones: Set up table or just be present in local university free speech zones. Offer to speak to people and serve as an alternative to loud and offensive Christians.

Conversation Partners: Offer conversation to people with intellectual questions or concerns about the Christian faith. Meet 1-on-1 in coffee shops, parks, etc. to talk and build relationships.


This month’s meeting will be an important one for RFH. We hope you are able to join us in shaping the direction! If you are a local apologist or church leader, we are especially interested in how RFH can support and complement your ministry.

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2 Responses to RFH Brainstorm: Apologetics Ministry in Houston

  1. HeavensHound says:

    I will not be able to attend. I live in Katy and am a caregiver for my wife. I sent in some recommendations about training adults and our teens (some teens will be going off to college and their faith will be challenged. You have added those to your list and I am very grateful. Many churches do not even know what apologetics is. This is a real opportunity. Wouldn’t it be nice like Justin Martyr of old for there to be a band of Christians to be able to go out and argue our faith to leaders, workers, the man on the street, yes even the homeless. Thanks for all you do and are going to do. You all are in my prayers.

    All because of Him,

    • Cory says:

      Thank you for the prayers and encouragement, Don! We made some good progress in the meeting last night, with much of the discussion focused directly on teens and youth as you mention. College is a challenging time and so many young Christians are leaving their parents and home church without being properly equipped to address difficult challenges. God has a plan…and I think we’re starting to see the role He has for RFH.

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